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45 kW - 1.9 MW (60 hp - 2,800 hp)

200 V / 400 V / 575 V / 690 V

Unidrive SP Modular offers all of the benefits of the Unidrive SP control platform together with maximum power system design flexibility. Drive modules may be connected together in a variety of ways to create custom power conversion schemes such as, common DC bus systems, active input systems for returning excess energy to the power supply and parallel drives for high power motors.  The units can also be used for bulk power inverters for renewable energy systems.

  • Features

    Unidrive SP control with Modular power system flexibility

    Unidrive SP Modular has the same control platform as the Panel Mount drives range, offering three option module slots, integrated automation control and high performance motor control.

    Maximum Reliability

    Unidrive SP Modular units offer maximum reliability, they mass-produced in high volumes and are proven in a wide range of applications, from high power fans to large cranes, and renewable wave energy systems to metal production.

    Flexibility is Modular

    The Unidrive SPM range comprises key modules that can be combined elegantly to achieve your design criteria with maximum economy.

    Module Details
    SPMA AC IN / AC OUT Drive Module
    SPMD DC IN / AC OUT Inverter Module
    SPMC AC IN / DC OUT Rectifier Module
    SM Control Master Master control module for use with SPMA/D
    SM Control Slave Slave control module for use with SPMA/D
    SPM Power Selector Automatic selection/de-selection of drive modules

    The NEW SPM Power Selector

    The SPM Power Selector is a new addition to the SPM range, it allows the sizing of drive systems to be dynamically modified to suit the application.

    • Redundant / fault tolerant systems can be designed, allowing unserviceable units to be isolated, allowing the rest of the system to continue operating,
    • Allows a system containing multiple power modules to be dynamically reconfigured, for example, a 330 kW drive system containing three power modules in parallel could be reconfigured to control three 110 kW motors.
    • The size of the inverter can be dynamically resized, for example, automotive dynamometers are often used to test a wide range of vehicles, resizing the inverter to match the required torque improves current measurement resolution and improves test performance.

    Low Harmonic Solutions

    Control harmonics through Active Front End (AFE) solutions or 12, 18 and 24 pulse operation, ensuring you meet and exceed  supply regulations.

    Non-Standard enclosures

    Ultra compact modules allow high power systems to be constructed in existing or non-standard enclosures, for example, it is possible to implement a drive system of between 45 kW to 1900 kW (60 hp - 2,800 hp) in an enclosure no taller than 1 m (40 ') high.

    Easy maintenance

    Large power conversion systems are usually bulky and require maintenance personnel to be competent to diagnose problems at component level. Unidrive SP Modular removes this requirement, service engineers can exchange compact drive modules on site for units that have been factory built and tested.

  • Specifications

    Environmental Safety and Electrical Conformance

    • IP20/Nema 1 rating, IP54 (NEMA 12) through panel mount
    • Ambient temperature -15 to +40 °C, 50 °C with derating
    • Humidity 95 % maximum (non condensing) at 40 °C
    • Altitude: 0 to 3000 m, derate 1 % per 100 m between 1000 m and 3000 m
    • Vibration: Tested in accordance with IEC 60068-2-34
    • Mechanical ShockTested: In accordance with IEC 60068-2-27
    • Storage temperature -40 °C to 50 °C
    • Electromagnetic Immunity complies with EN 61800-3 and EN 61000-6-2
    • Electromagnetic Emissions complies with EN 61800-3 (2nd environment)
    • With onboard EMC filter, complies with EN 61800-3 (2nd environment)
    • EN 61000-6-3 and EN 61000-6-4 with optional external EMC filter 
    • IEC 61000-3-4 Supply conditions
    • IEC 60146-1-1 Supply conditions
    • IEC 61800-5-1 (Power Drive Systems)
    • IEC 61131-2 I/O
    • EN 60529 Ingress protection
    • EN 50178 Electrical safety (future IEC 62103)
    • Independently assessed by BIA (machine safety authority) to EN 954-1 cat 3 (Safe Torque Off) EN 81-1 assessed by TÜV
    • EN 61000-6-2, EN 61000-6-4 EMC
    • UL508C, UL840

  • Options

    Keypads and parameter storage

    A memory device that can be used to back-up parameter sets and PLC programs, and copy them from one drive to another

    SM-Keypad is a high brightness LED keypad for Unidrive SP (except frame size 0), Mentor MP and Affinity drives

    SM-Keypad Plus
    SM-Keypad Plus is a multi-lingual, hot pluggable, backlit LCD display

    Automation and Motion option modules

    SM-Applications Plus
    SM-Applications Plus offers high performance programmable logic and motion control together with high speed I/O and CTNet, a high speed Fieldbus

    SM-Applications Lite V2
    User programmable logic and motion control module for standalone drive applications or for when the drive is connected to a centralized controller via I/O or Fieldbus

    A flexible, high performance solution for programmable motion requiring high speed registration features

    This module and Power Tools Pro software provide a user friendly environment for motion programmin

    Communication option modules

    User programmable CAN option module, allows the development of CAN protocols

    CANopen interface supports various profiles including several drive profiles

    SM-DeviceNET option module

    Follower option module, for high performance servo applications

    Supports Ethernet/IP and Modbus TCP/IP and can generate emails. Provides high speed drive access, global connectivity and integration with IT network technologies

    Interbus interface option module

    LonWorks interface for building automation applications

    Follower option module

    PROFINET is an Ethernet based industrial network protocol adapting Ethernet hardware and protocols

    SERCOS interface Option Module

    Input and Output option modules

    CTNet IO
    Flexible I/O system for remote connectivity with Control Techniques’ SM-Applications Plus and SM-Register option modules

    SM IO 24 V Protected
    Overvoltage protected I/O module

    SM-IO 120 V
    Module that provides digital I/O rated to 120Vac

    SM-IO 32
    Extended digital I/O, adding 32 digital high speed bi-directional I/O points to the drive

    SM-IO Lite
    Extended I/O interface with reduced functionality

    NAMUR standard I/O interface with high speed I/O

    SM-IO Plus
    Extended I/O interface to increase the number of I/O points on a drive

    SM-IO Timer
    Extended I/O option module with real time clock

    Feedback option modules

    SM-Encoder Output Plus
    Incremental encoder input and output option module that enables connection with external motion controllers

    SM-Encoder Plus
    Incremental encoder input option module

    Resolver module is designed for robust feedback in demanding environments

    SLM module is designed for integration with SLM enabled motion controllers

    SM-Universal Encoder Plus
    Additional combined encoder input and output interface supporting Incremental, SinCos, HIPERFACE, EnDAT and SSI encoders

    Safety option modules

    SM-Safety module provides an intelligent, programmable solution to meet IEC 61800-5-2 functional safety standard
  • Software

    Control Techniques Windows-based software packages connect using Ethernet, CTNet, Serial or USB connections. Ethernet communications allow the drives to be accessed remotely, anywhere in the world.

    Commissioning and monitoring software

    CTSoft - Drive configuration tool for Control Techniques drives
    CTSoft is a drive configuration tool for commissioning, optimizing and monitoring Control Techniques drives

    CTScope - Real-time software oscilloscope
    CTScope is a real-time full featured software oscilloscope for viewing and analyzing changing values within the drive

    Automation and motion programming software

    SyPTPro - System programming toolkit for drive automation systems
    SyPTPro provides a full featured programming environment for PLC and motion control onboard Control Techniques AC, DC and servo drives

    SyPTLite - Fast user program editor for Control Techniques drives
    SYPTLite is a ladder diagram editor allowing users to develop simple programs for Control Techniques drives and option modules

    PowerTools Pro - Advanced motion control programming
    Advanced motion control programming for Unidrive SP (with the SM-EZMotion module) and Digitax ST-Z drives and Epsilon EP, FM-3E and FM-4E modules

    Analysis software

    CT Energy Savings Estimator - Energy optimizing software
    Il nostro software di calcolo del risparmio energetico consente di analizzare l'utilizzo di energia per varie applicazioni e di calcolare il risparmio sui costi ottenuto con i convertitori a velocità variabile

    CT Harmonic Calculator - Analysis of drive system harmonics
    CT Harmonic Calculator is a supply harmonics calculator that will help you to economically meet the required standards for your installation

    Connectivity software

    CTOPCServer - OPC compliant server
    CTOPCServer is an OPC compliant server for interfacing your own PC software with Control Techniques drives

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Control Techniques Unidrive SP Modular

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