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The Danfoss VLT 6000 HVAC, dedicated to HVAC applications, provides unsurpassed performance, energy savings and improved control of HVAC systems including interfacing with building management systems.

Precise control of temperature, pressure, and flow in HVAC applications result in the best environmental performance for building owners and operators.

Features and benefits

Product range

1.1 - 45 kW (200 - 240 V)
1.1 - 450 kW (380 - 460 V)
1.1 - 500 kW (525 - 600 V)

Easy to commission and use

If you know one drive you also know the others. A Quick Menu guides you easily through the limited programming work left for you to make the drive perfect for the job in your plant.

The VLT 6000 HVAC provides full control of the motor directly from the user interface. 'HAND START' enables start and control of motor speed, 'OFF' turns off the motor and 'AUTO START' shifts control to digital inputs and/or serial communication.
Performance and energy saving
When it comes to using frequency converters in HVAC systems, it is mostly a question of obtaining ultimate energy savings. The VLT 6000 HVAC is designed with HVAC systems in mind. Consequently it contains a series of very useful dedicated functionalities for these applications, whereof a few are described below.

- The unique Danfoss Drives AEO function (Automatic Energy Optimizer), makes it possible to save up to additional 5-10% on the energy bill. This function optimises the magnetising current to the motor according the specific load. Consequently valuable energy is saved and not wasted on heating up the air around the motor.

- The VLT 6000 also offers a sleep mode function for increased energy savings in HVAC systems. If a pump or fan is running at low speed and not really contributing to controlled parameter, e.g. temperature, pressure etc. it is turned off automatically. When the system calls for energy, the drive starts up the motor again.

- In HVAC systems, resonance can occur between the pump/fan and the cabinet it resides in, e.g. an air handling unit. The problem typically occurs at a few specific frequencies. It creates a lot of noise and can eventually cause damage to the components. This problem is avoided using the frequency bypass function in the VLT 6000 HVAC, where the drive can be programmed to bypass up to 4 frequencies.

- For pump OEM™s Danfoss Drives offers a new unique feature called Sensorless Pump Control. This feature enables the drive to control pressure in a water system without using a pressure transmitter. This saves costs for the pump manufacturer in commissioning and direct costs in transmitter, installation etc.
RFI filter and harmonic suppression
The VLT 6000 has built-in RFI-filters for the entire product range complying with EN55011, class A1 and B. Consequently there is no need for costly and space consuming external filters.

A frequency converter generates harmonic distortion of the AC power line. A VLT 6000 HVAC has built-in DC link reactors, which reduces the harmonic distortion to around 40%. For instance, this reduces cable dimensions substantially. The VLT 6000 HVAC complies with IEC 61000-3-2 and 61000-3-4 as well as VDE 0160 as to harmonic distortion.
For further reduction in the harmonic distortion, Danfoss offers external passive 5% and 10% current distortion filters (AHF 005/010).


Application options

Relay Card
Cascade controller

Fieldbus protocols

As built in standard protocols:
Modbus RTU
Metasys N2

As optional high performance options:
- Profibus
- DeviceNet
- LonWorks

LC filters - for reduced acoustic motor noise, du/dt and Upeak.

Harmonic Filters - for reduced harmonic distortion.

Coating - for harsh environments according to IEC 721-3-3, class 3K3

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VLT® 6000 HVAC - Obsolete

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