Control Techniques/Nidec AC Drive, Unidrive M700/701

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Unidrive M700 AC Drive

Class leading induction and servo permanent magnet motor performance, with real-time Ethernet

Key data
Heavy Duty rating: 0.75 - 1.2 MW (1.0 hp - 1600 hp)
Supply phases: 3 phase
Standard features
Intelligence: Onboard PLC and Advanced Motion Controller
Onboard comms: M700 & M702 - Ethernet, M701 - RS485
Feedback: 2 x Encoder inputs
1 x Simulated encoder output
Machine safety: M700 & M701 - 1 x Safe Torque Off (STO)Â terminal
M702 - 2 x STO terminals
Keypad: No Keypad as standard
Option slots: 3
Parameter cloning via: PC tools, Smartcard, SD card
Keypad: Advance plain text multi-language LCD with or without real-time clock 
Remote mountable plain text multi-language LCD
SI Modules: Communications, additional I/O, position feedback, legacy SyPT applications, advanced machine control processing ( with or without Ethernet ) and additional safety*
Adaptor: SD Card Adaptor

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Control Techniques/Nidec AC Drive, Unidrive M700/701

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